Speakers Bureau for the W3R-US
READY FOR USE 2019-10-03]

1 -- Click on the Presentations List for the area where your meeting will be.
2 -- Find a topic of interest with a speaker who can travel to your meeting.
3 -- Contact our Speaker MC to get contact information for the speaker.
4 -- Contact the speaker and make arrangements for the presentation.

Regional Presentation Lists

These presentations are typically adjustable to time frames of 20 to 50 minutes in length. The topics are related to French assistance to the United States during that American Revolutionary War of 1775-1783. The topics cover people, places, events, and consequences of the struggle for U.S. independence from Great Britain.

Contact the Speaker Manager

Write down the following Email address: .
then send your request for a speaker to that address.
The Speaker Manager will send you a Personal Information Sheet with information about the speaker's
  • Contact information / Short Bio
  • Lecture topics / Period Clothing and Displays
  • Lecturing Credentials / Room and Podium Requirements
  • Audio-visual Equipment Requirements
  • Length of Program / Appropriate Age Group
  • Handouts (who will duplicate) /
  • Travel Range and Costs (free, fee, reimbursement)
[*] Example of the Personal Information Sheet

Other Speakers Bureaus that Provide
WRRR-related Presentations