Speakers with WRRR-related Presentations 

The information posted here is for the convenience of viewers seeking prospective presenters on WRRR-related topics. Some of the presenters listed below are not members of the W3R®-US, and the content of individual presentations has not been reviewed for accuracy.

If you would like a speaker and can't find one below go to our main website w3r-us.org click on the Contact tab, and send an Email with your request.

AreaSpeaker, Topic Areas, Contact information
nationalDr. Robert Selig -- detailed history of the WRRR and the U.S.-France alliance from 1775-1783.
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Eastern U.S.Bob Sullivan specializes in the printed aspects of military operations -- forms, instruction books, light reading, logistics, camp life. One of his WRRR- related talks is "What the British Surrendered at Yorktown". He also prints and sells military books and forms used during the Revolution -- good for preparing an exhibit or accompanying a presentation in period clothing.
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East CoastBill and Cara Elder portray George and Martha Washington and talk about their (GW/MW) lives as a whole or focusing on various stages or aspects of life. Bill and Cara have extensive experience as re-enactors and teachers, and they have made presentations at a wide variety of venues.
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mid-Atlantic regionGlenn F. Williams -- analyses of key campaigns and techniques by a professional military historian.
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New EnglandJini Jones Vail, author of the biography/military history: Rochambeau, Washington's Ideal Lieutenant, A French General's Role in the American Revolution, gives PowerPoint talks on well-researched, well-illustrated topics:
1. Rochambeau Crosses Connecticut with 4,000 French Soldiers
2. The March Heard 'Round the World!
3. The Battle at Yorktown -details you may not have known!
4. Four Women in the Time of Rochambeau: A Queen, A Countess,
        A Future First Lady. and A Camp Follower
5. The Signing of the France-American Alliance in Paris, followed by the March of
        Rochambeau across Connecticut. (good for February)
Contact information
VA regionNicole Yancey -- Topics:
-- Louis XVI revisited: a factual portrait of the King and his personal involvement in the American War for Independence
-- La Fayette and the Court of Versailles at the time of the American War for Independence
-- Rochambeau: the forgotten hero of the American War for Independence
--- The Hermione in North America 1780 - 1782
Email: ngyancey@verizon.net
NC regionDr. Ralph Nelson -- developing the WRRR-NHT, general history of various aspects of the WRRR,
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