® Historic Events in 1779
and Public Commemorations for the
225th Anniversaries in 2004 
Historic Events 1779 225th Anniversary Events 2004 
  Mar: David Wagner's paintings of scenes along the W3R® were on display (see Activities / paintings):
Mar 23rd in Scituate RI Hist.Soc.
Mar 30th-Apr 4th in E.Greenwich RI Kentish Armory
Apr 24th in Bristol RI Artillery Armory
May 22nd in Bristol RI Audubon Society
June 17-18 in Providence RI State Capitol Bldg
April: W3R®-DE hosted the W3R®-US national leadership meeting.
Friday-- a signage workshop led by the National Park Service, then a gala dinner at the Greenville Country Club. Kurt Zwickle, a Greenways expert was the guest speaker.
Saturday -- W3R®-US business meeting, panel presentation on "Care & Feeding of Re-enactors",. and an afternoon strategic thinking session on fund-raising led by Ursula Reed.
May 8: Marker dedicated at Kingston RI Free Library for Gen. Washington's overnight stay (Mar 5, 1781) as he went to visit Gen. Rochambeau in Newport
May 13: Dr. Robert Selig, historical consultant for the W3R®, spoke at a dinner in Philadelphia.
June 21: Spain declares war on England June: Lee Patrick Anderson's hike  , called "Walking in the Footsteps of History", was designed to scout out the French route in preparation for the 2006 full-route march. Lee is a living historian and docent at the Revolutionary War site of Fort Mifflin (PA). During June to October he followed the route of the allied armies from Newport RI to Yorktown VA via Providence RI, Hartford CT, Danbury CT, Ardsley NY, Trenton NJ, Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD, Annapolis MD, Washington DC, and Williamsburg VA. He did the RI-CT-NY leg in June, with Ralph Nelson driving the support van. (See Exploratory Walk):
June 17 - Newport RI, visit sites
June 17 - Providence RI, talk state house PM
June 18 - Coventry, talk N. Green's Home PM
June 19 - Coventry RI / Plainfield CT
June 20 - Lebanon CT, talk Hist. Soc. 5:30 PM
June 21 - East Hartford CT
June 22 - Wethersfield, talk Hist. Soc. 5:30 PM
June 23 - Marion CT
June 24 - Waterbury CT, graves ceremony AM
June 24 - Waterbury, talk Mattatuck Mus. noon
June 25 - Southbury CT, walk AM
June 25 - Southbury, Rochambeau School ? AM
June 26 - Bedford NY
July: David Wagner's paintings of scenes along the W3R® were on display (see Activities / paintings):
Jul 15th in Davisville RI Officers Club
July: Lee Anderson did the NY-NJ leg of his trek in July. (See Exploratory Walk):
July 15 - Kings Ferry NY
July 16 - Pompton NJ
July 17 - Morristown NJ
July 18 - end at Trenton NJ
Aug: Ralph Nelson walked and spoke on the PA-DE leg in August (See Exploratory Walk):
Aug 7 spoke at Trevose PA
          and Landsdowne PA
Aug 8 hiked and talked with Boy Scouts
          at Newport DE.
Oct 9: allied forces under French Admiral d'Estang and U.S. Gen. Lincoln attack Savannah GA; fail to take it Oct 2&3 (Wilmington DE): re-enactors, concert, hike on the W3R®, ice cream social, re-enactor Willis Phelps speaks on African- Americans in the American Revolution.
Oct 9&10: re-enactment (twice) of the French/U.S. attack on British-held Savannah GA See Our Georgia History
Oct 14-17: Lee Anderson gave several talks on the MD-VA leg in October. (See Exploratory Walk:
Oct 19: Yorktown Day (223rd anniv)
Nov 11: Providence RI; 8:30 AM ceremony honoring the Rev. War French Troops buried in the North Burial Ground (Branch Avenue & North Main Street - into the graveyard halfway and slightly to the right) conducted by le Regiment Bourbonnais (a recreation of one of Rochambeau's regiments).
Nov 20: Lebanon CT -- Signing and reception for two W3R® guide books for CT: En Avant and Hussars in Lebanon (published by the state of Connecticut).
Dec 5: At 11 AM the Massachusetts Society of the SAR ceremony at the monument for Campsite #54 in Dedham MA. Take I-95 to Exit 15 to Dedham MA. Town Hall is on Washington St. Go two blocks south and take Marsh St.(one way, west). Monument is at corner with Court St.
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