Rochambeau and L'Expèdition Particulière

Over many years Durf McJoynt created an extensive website of pages on military history. The name for that effort was Xenophon, recently changed to Xenophon Group. One area of this "empire" was devoted to the Expèdition Particulière -- the French Expeditionary Force that came to the United States of America in June of 1781 to help the U.S. Continental Army push the occupying armies of Great Britain out of U.S. territory so that U.S. residents would no longer be subjects of the King of England.

From 2000 to 2010 years the website (whose archival pages are now at posted many links to Durf's web-pages on the Expèdition Particulière. Those pages are hereinafter designated as DMEP. We value what Durf accomplished, and we have cited Durf McJoynt on those links.

Durf originally posted on large amounts of material covering many topics. When Durf retired from active management of that website the main URL reverted to commercial use, so our links to those previously-active pages became dead.

Many (perhaps all) of Durf's Xenophon pages were captured by the Library of Congress' webarchive project in July and August of 2010. We are now replacing our earlier links to with either a link to the Library of Congress archive or a link to the page you are now viewing.

Here are some links to specific material from the Expèdition Particulié re Commemorative Cantonment Society   (EPCCS).
in the English language and la meme chose, en française
The (EPCCS) site also has
-- a one-page overview of the route and the stops
-- an extended chronological description of the regional strategy and of the movements of the French forces from 1780 July (starting in RI) to 1781 Sept (ending in VA)
-- encampments from Providence to Yorktown described in a one-page brochure with a map and a list of the dates and locations
-- the Washington-Rochambeau Route in Virginia
-- the French baggage train route in Virginia
-- a webpage on the Yorktown Campaign
-- the French Army's 1781-82 Winter Camps in Virginia
-- French Army's 1782 march north in Virginia

Some of Durf's pages are now (2020) being posted on You may search for a specific topic there using
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