International Aspects of the American War for Independence 

On July 2, 2011, Greg Ritchie conducted a telephone interview of Dr. Robert A. Selig, historian, lecturer, and author of many research reports, informative articles, and books on the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route (W3R). The interview was prepared for the "Weekly News with Greg Ritchie" (in English) on Mexico City's radio station, 88.9. This interview was made for broadcast just before the 4th of July, the date celebrated as Independence Day in the United States for the past 235 years.

The MP3 audio files linked below contain the full remarks of Dr. Selig. They were copied from the Station 88.9's MP3 files and are presented here with the permission of Greg Ritchie and Dr. Selig.
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The interview covered seven issues:
  • Commentary #1 Was economics the main cause for the war?

  • Commentary #2 Wasn't it radical to say that people are obliged to change a government that does not serve their needs?

  • Commentary #3 Do great men create great moments or the reverse?

  • Commentary #4 How was this an international war?

  • Commentary #5 After France became our ally where did they deploy their forces?

  • Commentary #6 How do people now regard the lands that Europe valued most in 1780?

  • Commentary #7 What lessons should we learn from the U.S. War for Independence?