Using GoogleEarthTM to Display
Current WRRR Signage and
Proposed WRRR March Segments

NOTE: WRRR= Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route
Using KML files Signs along the WRRR Segments of the Proposed March

Using KML files in GoogleEarthTM to view signs and trail sections

To display satellite views (or street maps) of the annotated state march routes with data from KML files you must first install on your computer an application that can read and display KML files. One such app is GoogleEarthTM (for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu). This app is free. Get it from the GoogleEarthTM download page.

After that installation you can simply double-click on a KML filename in a directory (or folder) on your computer. The GoogleEarth&TM; app will launch, import the KML file, and display the trail or signs described in the KML file. Read the file Touring with KML files for a brief discussion of using GoogleEarthTM. You can manipulate the viewing point to be closer or farther away from Earth's surface and toward different compass directions.

KML Files for Informative and Directional
Signs Related to the WRRR

To download one of the KML files listed below:
  1. Right-click on a the desired link, and download it to your computer.
  2. Move the file in a suitable directory.
  3. Double-click on that filename to open and display it using the GoogleEarthTM app that you just installed.
The filenames are in numerical order down the trail from north to south. The last 4 digits are the month and day the file was created.
Note: Unless otherwise noted, the signs in these files have not been verified by field checks. Some signs are missing due to theft or official removal.
NOTE: These KML files are subject to change as new data become available.

Segments along the Proposed March

NOTE: These KML files are subject to change to correct inconsistencies between the state files.

NOTE: W3R®-US = The National Washington-Rochambeau
Revolutionary Route Association, Inc.; a 501(c)3 organization.