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W3R®-US logo lapel pins, neckties, and scarves were available through the NJ branch of the W3R®-US, but that program is no longer active.
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W3R®-US banner (2 ft by 4 ft, shown at right) with top and bottom sleeves for mounting on a street lamp pole. This bears the service-marked logo of our organization and the URL of our website.
---- Proceeds support projects of the W3R®-PA ----
WRRR-NHT banner (2 ft by 4 ft, shown at left) with top and bottom sleeves for mounting on a street lamp pole This bears the federally-protected National Park Service's logo specifically designed for this trail and the URL of the NPS website for this trail.
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W3R®-US cloth bag with cloth strip handle (13" high x 11" wide by 5" deep, shown at left)
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Books on the WRRR

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Recent Recommended Books

Illustrations of Historic WRRR Scenes

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David R. Wagner is a historian, archaeologist and artist from Scotland CT. Starting in 2003 he created a series of about 80 acrylic-on-canvas paintings. These show the French army under General Rochambeau arriving at Newport RI in 1780, wintering there and in Lebanon CT, marching to join General Washington's Continental Army near Dobbs Ferry NY, marching south through NJ, PA, DE, MD, and VA, conducting the siege that led to victory at Yorktown in 1781, marching north in 1782, and returning to France in 1782-3. These paintings have been on display in the Rhode Island State House, the Connecticut Capitol Building, and the Pentagon.

REPRODUCTIONS of the original paintings are available as fine art, limited-edition, signed and numbered giclée reproductions. A giclée is a high resolution print (1440 DPI -- higher than a traditional lithographic print) of archival quality on watercolor paper. By using pigmented inks rather than dyes giclée prints render deep, saturated colors and have a beautiful painterly quality that retains minute detail, subtle tints and blends. Longevity can be up to two hundred years.
ARCHIVAL QUALITY PRINTS are also available.
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Several of the ORIGINAL PAINTINGS are available for sale. You may view a photo, read the description and check the price of each work by visiting
www.davidrwagner.com and clicking on "Revolutionary Route".

Educational Videos (tape, CDs, DVDs)

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France's Contribution to American Independence  

-- Seven years of close cooperation and sacrifices --

Discover facts you were never told before.

This 45-minute video presentation -- on a set of two DVDs -- provides a comprehensive understanding of the diplomatic, economic, and military resources used by France to help U.S. patriots secure independence for their new nation.

Part one: 1776 to 1780 The American Revolution is discussed in the context of the complex relations between the great European powers. Initially, French used covert action to support the patriots, providing military supplies and economic aid, and negotiating the neutrality or cooperation of other nations. After 1777 French armies and fleets were used as France declared war on Great Britain. A French Expeditionary Force was sent to New England to help the Continental Army.

Part two: 1781-1783 Generals Washington and Rochambeau, aided by French Admiral de Grasse, planned and implemented a naval blockade and a traditional siege which led to a naval victory on the Chesapeake Bay and an army victory at Yorktown VA. Further military operations around the world forced Great Britain to yield to allied demands and sign the Peace Treaty of 1783. The narrator surveys the results for each of the belligerents.

This educational narration, illustrated by many maps and images of historical figures and documents, was developed as part of the education program of the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). The presentation is now being shown at the SAR's Center for Advancing America's Heritage in Louisville KY. Included with the DVD set is a brochure with the text of the narration and a chronology of French decisions and actions. Play the first (25 minute) DVD at a meeting of your group, leaving time for discussion, and play the second (20-minute) DVD at a later meeting.

Research and script are by Jacques de Trentinian; filming, editing, and directing are by Geneviève Husson.

The set of two DVDs costs $35.00 plus shipping and handling.
To purchase this go to the SAR store (Sons of the American Revolution)

Téte a Téte (head-to-head)

This 100-minute video comes with a 62-page Instructors Guide. It was produced in 2002 by Charles W. Cook -- former president of the Carpenters' Hall Association (Philadelphia PA). The video establishes the atmosphere and tensions in Philadelphia in 1775 and looks over the shoulders of Benjamin Franklin and John Jay during their secret meeting with Achat de Bonvouloir of France as they laid the foundations for developing a France-U.S. alliance to facilitate American independence. This critical meeting occurred in December 1775 -- six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed. What could Franklin say to entice France to support our cause?
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France and the Independence of the United States is a video produced by the French branch of the Society of the Cincinnati. It is designed for use in schools (and elsewhere) in the United States. The production was professionally produced and is narrated by Philippe, Marquis de Bausset, then-Secretary General of the Society of the Cincinnati. The video is available in either English or French.
For further information or to place an order see
The Society of the Cincinnati.


The Battle of Cooch's Bridge is a 45-min DVD of the large-scale re-enactment (done at Brandywine Creek State Park in Wilmington DE) of this battle on its 230th anniversary in 2007.
Lionheart Filmworks (2007)

Siege and Surrender at Yorktown is a three-hour DVD of the large-scale 225th anniversary re-enactment of this event involving the allied U.S.-French armies led by Generals Washington and Rochambeau.
Lionheart Filmworks (2006)