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Rochambeau moves from Newport to Providence RI in July 2006

In July 2006 the W3R-RI organized a 225th-anniversary commemoration of the transfer from Newport RI to Providence RI of the French troops under the command of General Rochambeau (shown at right here). soon they would march to New York to join General Washington and the U.S. Continental Army. In August they allied armies would begin a long and rapid march south to trap and besiege and accept the surrender of British General Cornwallis and his army at Yorktown VA.

The W3R-Rhode Island, chaired by Roseanna Gorham and her husband, State Representative Nicholas Gorham, was the lead state in a series of 225th-anniversary celebrations produced by W3R grassroots volunteers in sequential order between June 2005 and October 19, 2006.