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Videos for Youth

Allies fight battles on sea and on land (10-min each):
PBS' Liberty's Kids #36: "Yorktown" --
Part 1 / Part 2

[*] AmRev360 [Museum of the American Revolution] -- Videos on a wide range of topics related to the ongoing American experiment. Titles include
  • History has its Eyes on Us (the play Hamilton),
  • When Women Lost the Vote (they had it only in New Jersey),
  • Mascots, Monuments, and Memory (who chooses them and why),
  • Finding Freedom (Americans of African descent in war-torn Revolutionary Virginia).

Videos on Allied Nations

The French Expedition in America -- Dr. Iris deRode presents a series of five one-hour, well-illustrated lectures -- funded by the National Park Service) for the Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail, managed by the NPS. video series home page

France's Contribution to American Independence -- These videos were first released on two DVDs that were developed, videotaped and edited under the auspices of the France Society, SAR. The video files have been posted on the SAR Channel of YouTube by the National SAR Outreach Education program. Each video is about 35 minutes long.
        Part 1: 1775 - 1780 / Part 2: 1780 -1783

Amerindian Nations

Videos on Leaders

the Marquis de Lafayette [History Channel -- on YouTube, 45 min] -- part of the series, Washington's Generals.

Rochambeau and Lafayette 36 min, Dr. Julia Osman (Miss. State Univ.) [Society of the Cincinnati]

CSPAN has a number of videos on the American Revolution. Here are two:
Washington, Rochambeau, and the March to Yorktown
-- a discussion with Dr. Robert A. Selig on July 16, 2015 [CSPAN video, 1 hr 16 min]
The French Officers in the Revolution [CSPAN video, 1 hr 7 min]

Tête á Tête [head-to-head] illustrates the atmosphere and the tensions in Philadelphia in 1775 as it looks over the shoulders of Benjamin Franklin and John Jay during their secret meetings with French envoy Achat de Bonvouloir. Here they laid the foundations f or developing a France-U.S. alliance to achieve American independence. This critical meeting occurred in December 1775 -- six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed. View the description and a link to purchase the videotape from Carpenters; Hall. This movie was based on a short book, Blueprint for a Revolution: The Spies at Carpenters' Hall, by Charles and Nancy Cook, which is posted online.

Videos on Places and Events

Victory at Yorktown [36 min, Dr. Julia Osman (Miss. State Univ.)] [Society of the Cincinnati]

The Revolutionary War (18 min, with animated maps)
[from The American Battlefield Trust]

Dr. William J. Fowler (Northeastern Univ.)
--- The Crucial Time After Yorktown [43 min] has a number of videos on the American Revolution. For the following videos there is a 30-sec commercial before the video starts.
-- Tenacity in the Struggle for Liberty
-- Storming the Last Redoubt at Yorktown
We hope that the History Channel will add videos noting the significant aid rom France, such as
  • the military supplies that were critical to the victory at Saratoga
  • battles involving French and Spanish troops (Newport, Savannah, Pensacola, Yorktown)
  • global naval engagements between Great Britain, France, and Spain (which kept British forces away from the U.S.)

  • Multiple Areas

    The New York Council for the Humanities -- an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities awarded a grant to the Dobbs Ferry Historical Society to make video interviews with historians David Hackett Fischer, Thomas Fleming, and Mary Sudman Donovan. The interviewer was Rich Borkow, Village Historian of Dobbs Ferry (and a member of the W3R®-US). These videos (four to nine minutes long) are now available on Youtube:
    links to the videos
    • American Revolution: the decision that won the war
    • American Revolution: the American Cause
    • The French Vision for North America
    • American victory on the Hudson River at Saratoga (1777)
    • The Washington-Rochambeau March (1781)
    • George Washington at 'Head Quarters Dobbs Ferry'
    • George Washington: Character and Leadership
    • George Washington's Officers
    • The Revolutionary War in the Hudson River Valley - Two Great Turning Points
    • The Mounted Troops of Colonel Sheldon