225th Anniversary of Yorktown 

The links in the schedule below go to photos for that event.
Note: DAR = Daughters of the American Revolution
        NPS = National Park Service
        SAR = Sons of the American Revolution
Oct 18 | Oct 19 | Oct 20 | Oct 21

Oct 18: Yorktown Battlefield, Redoubt No. 9   

Photos below are by Marie-Claire de Trentinian

Re-enactors with flags honor the French regiments who stormed this redoubt 225 years ago.
The French mortar represents the use of the redoubt after its capture.

A better view of the Royal Deux Ponts Regimental flags

View showing the trench, abatis (the pointed logs), and breastworks which the French troops
had to descend, cut through, and ascend in the face of enemy musket fire and bayonets.

Thursday Oct 19, 2006 

[time - location: event -------------------------------]

8:00 AM - French Cemetery: memorial service
      Seven photos -- no longer posted [Alliance Française of Charlottesville VA]

9:00 AM - French Memorial: French Wreath-laying
      and Legion of Honor presentations

9:00 AM - Episcopal Churchyard: SAR Wreath-laying
      at the grave of Gov. Thomas Nelson

10:30 AM - Yorktown Monument to the Alliance: Parade
      (see links under Episcopal Churchyard)

3:30 PM - French Memorial: A new DAR/NPS interpretive marker
      at the southern end of the trail

4:30 PM - Yorktown Battlefield, Redoubt No. 9
      Commemoration Ceremony

6:30 PM - SAR Commemorative Dinner (see links under Episcopal Churchyard)

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Friday Oct 20, 2006 

[time location - event -------------------------------]

8:30 AM - Yorktown Battlefield, Redoubt 9: Dedicating new interpretive marker

10:00 AM - Wren Building, College of William and Mary:
      Honoring the French who died at Yorktown

Oct 20-21 - area around Yorktown
      In 2006 harder.myphotoalbum.com displayed 186 photos (in two albums) of the re-enactments.

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Oct 20: College of William and Mary 

Photos below are by Ralph Nelson

A French navy quartet of coronets, drum and bagpipes played as people arrived.

During the ceremony Serge Gabriel stood with the flag of the Souvenier Francais (left side)
next to the plaque listing the French soldiers who died at Yorktown (right side, larger scale).
Many wounded soldiers died in this building -- used as a hospital -- days after the battle.

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Saturday Oct 21, 2006 

[time location - event -------------------------------]

Daytime - Military Camp and Battle Re-enactments:
      In 2006 www.americanrevolution.org displayed about 50 photos of the re-created camp, 1781 activities, and massed re-enactment activities
Evening - Yorktown Victory Ball:
      70 photos
      of authentically dressed Country English Dancers
      [www.EnglishCountryDancing.org] on Oct 21,in Williamsburg VA.

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