Archived Newsletters for the
Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route
National Historic Trail

Here is where you will find many details of how the trail was developed from a general concept to a clear vision with specific goals and sound progress toward that vision, supported by major national organizations, numerous local organizations along the route, and many individuals who gave significant time and money or simply had the interest to enjoy a day of hiking, watching a parade, listening to a presentation, or reading about the trail.

The Revolutionary Road
From 1998 to 2011 Hans dePold edited The Revolutionary Road, and the Connecticut Branch of the Sons of the American Revolution posted them. The 69 issues include essays on history, advocacy, and political issues related to the WRRR-NHT.
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An Urgent Dispatch for the General Staff
From 2009 June to 2010 May, Ralph Nelson, as chair of the W3R®-US issued monthly newsletters.
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NOTE: By 2018 it became apparent that we needed to be more careful in distinguishing between the physical trail and its history (which should be referred to as WRRR), the organization and activities of the National Park Service for this trail after its Congressional designation in 2009 (which should be referred to as WARO), and the organization and activities of the National Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association and its chapters (which should be referred to as W3R®-US). The registration mark should be included as a superscript® or in-line ® with the text unless this is hard to accomplish. We have gone back and converted W3R®-NHT to WRRR-NHT on many webpages, but we have not yet changed them all. We regret any confusion this has caused between the two organizations and the trail and its history.

Newsletters from the NPS
From 2010 May to 2012 March the office of the National Park Service's Superintendent for the trail (abbreviated WARO by the NPS) issued monthly E-newsletters on the development of the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail (WRRR-NHT).
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In 2012 March the NPS launched its own, official government, website for theWRRR-NHT and since that time has posted its newsletters there.
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