Audio Tour of the W3R® through Baltimore
Trail Development         March to Yorktown 2006         The First Rhode Island Regiment
Streaming video of Washington, Rochambeau, and the March to Yorktown
-- a discussion with Dr. Robert A. Selig on July 16, 2015 [CSPAN video, 1 hr 16 min]
Streaming video of The Revolutionary War (with animated maps)
[The Civil War Trust, 18 min]

This is the Archive Website for the W3R®-US

Here you will find most of the files that previously populated our main website. Our traditional URL -- -- will now take you to our completely new W3R®-US website. This was launched in January of 2018 and has extensive interactive graphics, well-documented discussions of the history, and links to many informative historic sites to visit along the trail.

Most of the old files are now available through the menu on the left side of this page, which has a new URL -- Our plan is to gradually update and revise the old files to match the style and structure of the new website.

We thank the Delaware Department of Transportation for developing a website with an interactive map covering
W3R®-NHT through Delaware. The format is a bit different than that used for the new main W3R®-US website.