Trail Historic Events in 1781
and Public Commemorations for the
225th Anniversaries in 2006 

MARCH TO YORKTOWN information is printed in blue
See the separate photo-reports for this full-route march

Historic Events
January - June 1781
225th Anniversary Events
January - June 2006
  Jan 28: Meeting in Lebanon CT to organize the MARCH TO VICTORY
Feb 11: Wilmington DE -- The A. Phillip Randolph Institute of Delaware and the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route in Delawaare   co-sponsored a three-part program on Black Patriots in the Revolution. See the photo-report
Mar 05: Kingston RI: Re-enactment of Washington's visit here 225 years ago.
Apr 08: Newport RI: A ball was held in the 1738 Colony House at the conclusion of Washington's spring visit to Newport to plan the Yorktown Campaign with French General the Comte de Rochambeau. Peggy Champlin's diary (transcribed by George Champlin Mason) listed many of the dances. Apr 08: Newport RI: A "rigorous re-creation" in period costume (organized by John Miller) of the Rochambeau's Ball in honor of Washington.
In 2006 tDr. Robert A. Selig's documentation research study of Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route historic events in New Jersey was published and is available online .
May 21-22: Washington and Rochambeau meet in Wethersfield CT May-July: CT: The W3R®-CT installed twelve interpretive signs for CT along the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route:
May 6 - June 18: Scout hike of the trail The W3R®-RI helped organize a Scout march along the trail in Rhode Island. The Scouts spent five weekends tracing the fifty miles of trail, ending with a passing-of-the-flags ceremony with CT Scouts near the RI-CT border.
from Newport to Providence
from Providence to the CT state line
Border Ceremony
May 6: Newport RI to Portsmouth - first leg
May 6-7: Danbury CT - Encampment and re-enactment at Kenosia Town Park. Sheldon's Dragoons, Continental and French troops, crafters, artificers, and sutlers celebrated CT's roles in the French march through CT and as "the provision state".
May 7: Valley Forge PA - Washington Memorial Chapel 11:15 AM worship service commemorating the U.S.-France alliance followed by a procession to the Grand Parade ground for a review of re-enactors.
May 12-13: Wethersfield CT - Central Connecticut State Univ. will host a one-day educational symposium to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the conference between Washington and Rochambeau on 1781 May 21. There will be scholarly writings, performances, visual and audio art, thematic curricula, and re-enactments of the allied army.
May 13: Bristol RI to East Providence - 2nd RI leg of the Scout hike of the trail Interested units please contact Ed Rizy at
May 18-19: Paris: European Involvement in the American Revolution, a symposium of scholars at L' Ecole Militaire, sponsored by the French Ministry of Defense.
May 20: East Providence to Providence RI - 3rd RI leg of the Scout hike of the trail (See links at May 6)
May 20: Scotland, CT: Dedication of a W3R®-CT interpretive marker placed at the Huntington Homestead Museum at 1:00 PM.
May 20-21: Scotland, CT: W3R®-CT "2006 Campaign Opener" and encampment, with militia exercises and maneuvers by the Connecticut Colony Military Association and a march through Scotland by Boy Scout units representing the four divisions of the French Army. 1:00 PM dedication and unveiling of first W3R®-CT marker at the Huntington House Museum. See Photo-report by Durf McJoynt.
May 20: Southington CT: Rochambeau Day. 9 AM Dedication of a W3R®-CT interpretive marker; 10:15 parade; 11:00 commemoration at Rochambeau Monument in Marion
May 20 and 21: Wethersfield CT: WRRR "Revolutionary Home Front" tours of the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum (10 AM - 4 PM). Greetings from General Washington's delegation plus a panel discussion, encampment and music at the Webb House and Barn starting at 1:30 PM. Authentic choral concert at the First Church Congregational at 4 PM. Dedication of W3R®-CT interpretive marker at 5:30 PM. See
May 27: Providence to Cranston RI - 4th RI leg of the Scout hike of the trail (See links at May 6)
June 10: French troops start by naval transport from Newport RI
June 18: French troops leave Providence RI
June 19: French troops enter CT
June 21: Lauzun's hussars leave camp in Lebanon CT
June 1: Farmington CT 6:00-8:45 PM Series of events at First Church of Christ. Contact: A.M.Portia Corbett at
June 3: Cranston to Potterville RI - 5th RI leg of the Scout hike of the trail (See links at May 6)
June 10: Potterville to Greene RI - 6th RI leg of the Scout hike of the trail Interested units please contact Ed Rizy at
June 11: Yorktown Heights NY: 225th anniv of Battle at Pine's Bridge
June 15: East Farms CT (Pierrepont Cemetery) 4:00 PM Memorial Ceremony
June 15: Waterbury CT (Town Green) 5:30 PM Dedication of the W3R®-CT marker.
June 17-18: Southbury CT:
Jun 16: Providence RI: MARCH TO YORKTOWN encampment in Newport
June 16: Providence Welcomes the French Troops: sponsored by the W3R®-RI
Jun 17: Providence RI: Brown University symposium on France and the American Revolution followed by a parade to the State House where Gov. Carcieri reviewed the re-enactment troops and held a ceremony honoring French assistance during the Revolution. photo-report
Jun 18: Greene RI: completion of the RI Scout hike of the trail as RI Scouts handoff banner to CT Scouts on Rt 14 near the RI/CT state line.
See photo-report on symposium.
Jun 18: MARCH TO YORKTOWN: Providence to Watermans Tavern RI
Jun 17-18: Southbury CT: "Washington-Rochambeau Weekend" commemoration and encampment. CT Boy Scouts march from Breakneck Hill to event site on Flood Ridge Road in Southbury. Ball with period musicians.
June 17: Valley Forge PA: W3R®-PA exhibit opens at Valley Forge National Historic Park
Jun 19: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Watermans Tavern RI to Plainfield CT
Jun 20: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Plainfield to Windham CT:
Jun 21: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Windham to Bolton CT: Heritage Day" is dedicated to the French encampments here.
Jun 22: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Bolton to East Hartford CT: and camp at East Hartford June 23-4.
June 21: Andover CT. 4:00 PM Dedication of W3R®-CT marker.
June 24: Bolton CT "Historical day" Dedication of W3R®-CT marker.
Jun 25: MARCH TO YORKTOWN East Hartford to Farmington CT
Dedication of W3R®-CT marker in Farmington.
Jun 26: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Farmington to Barnes Tavern (Marion) CT
Jun 27: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Marion to Break Neck CT
Jun 28: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Break Neck to Monroe CT and camp at Newtown June 29-30.
June 29: Newtown CT 4:00 PM Dedication of W3R®-CT marker.
June 30: Philadelphia PA: W3R®-PA exhibit opens at Independence Visitor Center

July 4:  The W3R®-DE unveiled an interactive kiosk at the Amtrak station in Wilmington DE The construction and programming were funded by the Delaware Bureau of Tourism. The hardware and software design was developed and implemented by Talisman Interactive. The kiosk was linked to a Web site featuring information on the local history of the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route and the historic homes along the route in Delaware. The kiosk provided Web links to related heritage tourism sites in Delaware. From 2007-9 the kiosk was in storage. In 2009 it was refurbished, reprogrammed, and moved to the Pencader (DE) Heritage Museum.
Dimensions and details

Craig Johnson (Talisman Interactive) and Kim Burdick (W3R®-DE chair)
at the 2006 July 4 kiosk ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Historic Events
July 1781
225th Anniversary Events
July 2006 
July 6: French troops arrive at Phillipsburg (now Dobb's Ferry) NY
July 7 to Aug 19 - allies test the defenses around New York City
July 1: Monroe CT. 9:00 AM Dedication of W3R®-CT marker.
July 1: Danbury CT. 1:00 PM Dedication of W3R®-CT marker.
Jul 1: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Monroe to Ridgebury CT
for Ridgebury's "March to Victory" weekend Re-enactors from the Brigade of the American Revolution (BAR) will portray French, American, Loyalist, and British soldiers encamped in the field as they would have appeared during comte de Rochambeau's visit of 1781. Dedication of W3R®-CT marker. Re-enactment of 1781 costume ball for Rochambeau's 50th birthday;
Jul 2: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Ridgebury CT to Bedford NY
Jul 3: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Bedford to New Castle (Mt Kisco) NY
Jul 4: MARCH TO YORKTOWN New Castle to Philipsburg NY then disperses until Aug 17.
Jul 2-4: Yorktown VA: Victory Center -- a themed event, including military drills during the 225th anniversary year of the momentous American victory at the Siege of Yorktown.
July 4: Wilmington DE: Amtrak Station -- 11:00 AM Ribbon-cutting for installation of the first interactive computer kiosk to deliver Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route information to the public. This interactive kiosk was developed by Talisman interactive for the W3R®-DE under a grant from the Delaware Bureau of Tourism. See photo-report above.
July 15-16: Williamsburg VA: 225th anniversary commemoration of the Battle of Green Spring
July 22-23: Cross River NY: Commemoration of the Grand Reconnaissance at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.
The W3R®-DE suggested that the state of Delaware install wayfinding signs to identify the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route through Delaware. Attractive designs were developed by the Delaware Department of Transportation ("DelDot"), which installed roughly 40 signs in the summer of 2006. See signage

Historic Events
August 1781
225th Anniversary Events
August 2006 
Aug 25: the allied forces enter NJ and move along several routes
Aug 31: French fleet arrives off the Virginia Capes
Aug 18: MARCH TO YORKTOWN re-assembles at Philipsburg NY
Aug 19-20: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Philipsburg to Pines Bridge NY and rests there for one day
Aug 21: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Pines Bridge to Hunts Tavern NY
Aug 22: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Hunts Tavern to Kings Ferry NY
Aug 23: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Kings Ferry to Stony Point NY
Aug 24: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Stony Point to Suffern NY
Aug 25: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Suffern NY to Pompton NJ
Aug 26: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Pompton to Whippany NJ
Aug 27: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Whippany to Liberty Corner NJ
Aug 28: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Liberty Corner to Millstone NJ
Aug 25: Verplank NY: Talk on "The Franco-American Encampment at Philipsburg and the Beginnings of the Yorktown Campaign: 6 July to 25 August 1781", by Dr. Robert Selig.
Aug 26-27: Crossing of the Hudson River from Verplank (Kings Point) to Stony Point.
Aug 26: Elkton MD: 10 AM: Re-enactment of a parade of Continental Regiments reviewed by General Washington to commemorate the allied march in 1781; refreshments at the historic Hollinsgworth House.
Aug 29-30: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Millstone to Princeton NJ and rest there one day
Aug 31: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Princeton to Trenton NJ

Historic Events
September 1781
225th Anniversary Events
September 2006 
Sept 2: French troops from the Caribbean arrive in Williamstown VA
Sept 3: the allied troops enter PA
Sept 6: troops enter DE -- the French by land, the Americans by water
Sept 8: some allied troops take boats from Elk Landing MD, rest march on
Sept 9-12: Washington hosts Rochambeau and top officers at Mt Vernon
Sept 12: having beaten off the British fleet under Graves, de Grasse blockades the Chesapeake Bay; The allied wagon train and cattle cross the Potomac River into VA
Sept 18-21: the bulk of allied troops board transport ships at Annapolis
Sept 1(Fri): MARCH TO YORKTOWN Trenton NJ to Red Lion Tavern (Bristol PA)
Sept 1: Philadelphia PA: Evening Gala for the W3R®-PA (costume or business clothes) at the Independence Hall Visitors Center.
Sept 2-3: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Bristol to Philadelphia PA and rest one day there
Sept 2:
(11 AM) Philadelphia: Commemorative parade from Independence Hall to Washington Square;
(3 PM) Chester PA: Commemorative parade from Historic District to John Morton's grave.
Sept 3: Philadelphia 2:00 PM Tea at The Historical Society of Frankford (just off Frankford Avenue at Orthodox Street) and meet with the American and French re-enactors of the March
Sept 4: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Philadelphia to Chester PA
Sept 5(Tue): MARCH TO YORKTOWN Chester PA to Wilmington DE
(10 AM) border ceremony at Robinson House (Naamans Road and Rt 13)
(3:30 PM) Welcome to Wilmington at Friends Meeting House (4th and Washington)
(7:00 PM) Lecture on "The Battle of the Capes" at Delaware Military Academy (112 Middleboro Road, Wilmington, 0.3 miles off Rt 4 by Banning Park)
Sept 6: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Wilmington to Christiana DE
Sept 6: Arlington VA (Fort Myer Officers Club): talk on the Second Battle of the Virginia Capes (1781)
Sept 7: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Christiana DE to Elkton MD
(10 AM) border ceremony on Old Baltimore Pike, 100 yards south of Dixie Line Road
Sept 8: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Elkton to Perryville and then Havre de Grace MD
Sept 9: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Perryville to Bush MD
Sept 9: Alexandria VA: Gen. Washington spoke about the allied march to Yorktown and his hopes for American independence at 1:00 PM at the Lloyd House, 220 North Washington St.
Sept 10: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Bush to White Marsh MD
Sept 11-12: MARCH TO YORKTOWN White Marsh to Baltimore MD and rest one day there
Sept 12: Elkton MD: Hollinsgworth House: 7 PM: Dr. Robert Selig will discuss the role of northeast Maryland in the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route. Contact Eric Mease at
Sept 13: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Baltimore to Waterloo MD
Sept 14: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Waterloo to Crownsville MD
Sept 15-18: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Crownsville to Annapolis MD and rest three days there
Sept 19: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Annapolis to Bladensburg MD
Sept 20: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Bladensburg MD to Georgetown DC, and rest two days
Sept 23: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Georgetown DC to Mount Vernon VA return to camp at the Lee Fendall House in Alexandria (original campsite for the baggage train)
Sept 23: Fredricksburg VA - Portrayers of Gens. Washington and Weedon discussed their progress in the fight against the British in Virginia.
Sept 24: troop transports begin arriving at Williamsburg VA
Sept 28: allied troops move from Williamsburg to Yorktown. The investment is completed at night, and the siege begins.
Sept 24: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Mount Vernon to Colchester VA
Sept 25: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Colchester to Dumfries VA
Sept 26: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Dumfries to Peyton's Tavern VA
Sept 27-8: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Peyton's Tavern to Fredericksburg VA and rest one day
Sept 28: Revolutionary Day -- students met portrayers of General George Washington, General Lafayette, Lord Cornwallis, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe at Ash Lawn - Highland, Pres. Monroe's home.
Sept 29: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Fredericksburg to Belvedere Plantation VA
Sept 30: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Belvedere Plantation to Bowling Green VA
Sept 30: Hartford CT -- Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Commemorative Events
Sept 28-Oct 1: Wilmington DE - "A Revolutionary Weekend"   was enjoyed by over a thousand participants and received several pages of coverage in the local media.
See the photo-report
Sept 28 (Thur):
-- All-day symposium From Revolution to Republic: Black Patriots of the 18th Century at Bellevue Hall, Bellevue State Park Featured speakers : included Bob Selig, PhD, Lawrence Goldstone, PhD, and Julie Winch, PhD. Sponsored by Delaware Humanities Forum.
-- 4 PM: interpretive sign dedication at the Robinson House,
-- 5-8 PM: Revolutionary Pub Night at the Robinson House in Claymont DE, sponsored by Naaman's Heritage Association.
Sept 29 (Fri):
-- 2-4 PM Reception at Cooch's Bridge (961 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, near Rt 896)
Three Generals Reflect on Their Activities in Delaware (Washington, Cornwallis, and Rochambeau)
-- 8 PM Gala premier of the family musical Billy Lee's Washington.. , by Evelyn Swensson, at the Baby Grand (818 Market St., Wilmington) .
Sept 30 (Sat):
-- 9 AM to 2 PM Pencader Heritage Day at Dayett Mills (off Old Baltimore Pike just west of where Rt 72 crosses)
-- 9:30 AM: Honoring Dr. Capelle's contributions (French army surgeon) at Old Swedes Church (606 Church St, Wilmington) He was a founder of the Delaware Academy of Medicine.
-- 10 AM: family musical Billy Lee's Washington (see above)
-- noon: Tribute to the French Soldiers of the American Revolution at Tubman-Garrett Park (along the river at end of Orange St, Wilmington)
-- 1 PM (and hourly) "Meet the Founders" -- a Chataqua at Tubman-Garrett Park in Wilmington DE. Character actors from the 18th century discuss their roles in the founding of the United States. Sponsored by the Delaware Humanities Forum.
-- All day: Military encampment and music at Greenbank Mill (200 yards north on Rt 41 after crossing Rt 2.)
-- evening: David and Ginger Hildebrand perform 18th-century music at Greenbank Mill.
Oct 1 (Sun):
-- all day: Self-Guided Driving Tours: Special Discovery Stops at Robinson House, Claymont Stone School, Lombardy Hall, Historical Society of Delaware, Greenbank Mill, Hale-Byrnes House, Historic Christiana
-- 1 PM Delaware's Captured RW Flag unveiling of a Delaware regimental flag captured by the British in a 1777 raid on Christiana, later bought back to the U.S. Lectures on the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route by Glenn Williams (Center of Military History, Fort McNair) and Dr. Robert A. Selig. Historical Society of Delaware (505 Market St. Wilmington)
-- 1 PM (and hourly) repeat Chataqua of Revolutionary personalities at Tubman-Garrett Park (location above)
-- All day : Military encampment at Greenbank Mill (200 yards north on Rt 41 after crossing Rt 2.)
In 2006 October the National Park Service published its Study and Environmental Assessment of the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route. It is available online .

Historic Events
October-December 1781
225th Anniversary Events
October-December 2006 
  Oct 01: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Bowling Green to Dawn VA
Oct 02: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Dawn to Hanover Courthouse VA
Oct 03: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Hanover Courthouse to Hartfield VA
Oct 04: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Hartfield to Talleysville VA
Oct 05: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Talleysville to Taono VA
Oct 06: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Taono to Williamsburg VA
Oct 07: MARCH TO YORKTOWN Williamsburg to Yorktown VA
Oct 4: Arlington VA (Fort Myer Officers Club): talk on the Siege of Yorktown (1781) by Glenn Williams (US Army Center of Military History).
Oct 16-22: The France Society SAR toured Yorktown and several southern VA cities where French troops wintered over in 1781-2
Oct 19: Cornwallis' army surrenders. Oct 19-22: Yorktown VA 225th Anniversary celebrations
Oct 19: ceremony at the French cemetery, parade to the Monument to Alliance and Victory, and band concert.
At 7:00 PM there will be a banquet -- with Generals Washington, Rochambeau, and Lafayette to celebrate the Victory of Liberty over Tyranny. This is at the Crowne Plaza Williamsburg at Fort Magruder, 6945 Pocahontas Trail in Williamsburg. As of Oct 5 there are no tickets left.
Oct 20: tactical demonstrations, re-enactment at Endview Plantation, dancing
Oct 21: Revolutionary War encampment, re-enactment of attacks on redoubts, massed music demonstration
Oct 22: ecumenical church service at the Monument to Alliance and Victory, re-enactment of the peace parley and surrender, choral music.
See the Yorktown 225th Photo-report
Oct 19-22: Western CT encampment of re-enactors.
Nov 4: de Grasse departs for the Carribean with Saint-Simon's French Corps, carrying some U.S. reinforcements to Gen. Greene's southern army.
Nov 5: the Continental regiments march north to their defensive posts around New York. French troops remain for the winter in the area of York, Gloucester and Williamsburg.

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